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Membership – Becoming a Member or an Affiliate

Membership in LPO provides a supportive community to LP's and their families. Members also receive a Newsletter and discounts to LPO events.

So, you have decided to become a member?

Filling out the "DUES" form and submitting payment is all that is required...
... or click on the link below to open an LPO membership form. Print and complete the form then mail it with your membership payment to LPO at the address on the form.

Link to a Fillable Membership Application PDF that can be filled in and uploaded to LPO when paying Annual Dues. (Alternative / Optional)

The Membership period runs on a calendar basis and renewals are due by January 1st. Renewals for the 2018 membership/affiliate year have closed.  Membership renewals for 2019 will reopen soon. We also have an automatic "never-forget-again" renewal option that will be available again in September.

In the meantime, find us on Facebook at: It's a closed group so when requesting to join the group, please send a Facebook private message to Allan Redford to let him know how you found out about the group and what your interest is in joining.Please be aware that if you don't send a message and/or your privacy setting won't allow an admin to properly identify and confirm who you are, then your request is unlikely to be approved.

Membership / Affiliate Association Fee
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