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Tax Rebates or Credits

Tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities
Tax credits and deductions are available for persons with disabilities, their supporting family members, and their caregivers.

GST/HST for specially equipped motor vehicle rebate
You can get a rebate on the GST/HST that you have paid on the purchase of a specially equipped motor vehicle. Also contains info about a rebate on modification services performed on your motor vehicle." target=" _blank"

Federal Excise Gasoline Tax Refund Program
You can apply for a refund of part of the federal excise tax on the gasoline you buy.

Other important Tax Credits (outside of vehicle modifications)
Disability Tax Credit (T2201): This tax credit is available to persons who have a severe prolonged physical impairment.

Medical Devices and Supplies Exempt from GST
Some medical devices are exempt from GST including adaptive equipment for vehicles.

Medical Expense Tax Credit
Medical expenses may be claimed. This includes costs incurred in converting a vehicle to make it accessible.

Tax Deferred Investment Program

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

Funding Programs

Ontario March of Dimes - Vehicle and Home Modification Program
Reimbursement, funding, and rebates available for modifications. Offers assistance for up to $15,000 towards the cost of vehicle (or home) modifications.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Assistive Devices Program
This programs funds up to 75% of the cost of mobility devices and seating.


Little People of America

Little People of Canada

LPBC Society for Short Stature Awareness

Quebec's Association for Persons of Short Stature - Association quebcoise des personnes de petite taille

Ability Awareness Association

Ontario March of Dimes - Their goal is to enhance the independence and community participation of people with physical disabilities every day through a wide range of programs and services across the province. Programs include: assistive devices/ barrier-free design/design ability/employment services & more.

Variety Village - The only facility of its kind that offers membership to people with and without disabilities. Variety Village offers many specialized programs and athletic clubs.

Easter Seals


Employment Access (Mississauga & Brampton Area) - Employment ACCESS is a one-stop employment service for all persons with disabilities wishing to access assistance in preparing for, obtaining and maintaining competitive employment.

Miscellaneous Resources

Community Information Toronto - A directory of over 20,000 community, social, health & government services in the GTA.

VoicePrint Canada's Broadcast Reading Service - VoicePrint is a division of The National Broadcast Reading Service, a registered charity. Serves people who are: vision-restricted/learning disability/mobility impaired/in need of literacy skills/learning ESL.

Abilities Magazines - Canada Lifestyle Magazine for People with Disabilities

Living Little Magazine

"Bullying's Not Kool" School Program

Driver Assessment and Training Services
1140 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 4
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3K 2A2
Phone: (416) 398-1035
Contact: Grace

Little People, Big World (TV show)

Wikipedia on Dwarfism

Ricardo Gil Photographer

Articles About Living with Dwarfism

Parental Development of Critical Building Blocks In The Successful Dwarf
By Ron Morris
(Attached as a PDF)

A Child of Difference
By Lisa Abelow Hedley, the New York Times Magazine

Peter Dinklage Lives Large

The Seven Dwarfs and I - by Cara Egan (originally printed in Newsweek Magazine)

A Lesson in Perseverance - Bonnie Mullinax Lives a Full Life with Dwarfism - By Carrie Ferguson (originally printed in the The Tennessean)

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