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Adaptive Designs

Beneficial Designs - Develops assistive and adaptive technology, performs rehabilitation research, contract design, legal consultation, standards development, and serves as a rehabilitation information resource.

Workshop Solutions

Tetra Society - Volunteer engineers, design technicians, and health professionals work one to one with their clients to make assistive aids or modifications to their environment so that greater independence can be achieved.

Contact (Metro Toronto Area): Susan Coates - Email Address:

Travel Accessibility Kit

Direct Access Solutions - Matt Roloff Hotel Stepstool

Specialty Shoes

Cinderella of Boston

Adaptive Tips Around the Home
(Please see attachment PDF)

Adaptive Bikes

Bike Friday - Adaptive Bikes

Diamondback - Small bikes suitable for dwarfism

Personal Care

Freedom Wand The Wand of Freedom
* Let Freedom Wand know of this LPO link when you make a purchase and they will make a donation to LPO.

Rinseworks Bidet Wand "The Aquaus 360° allows you to easily connects a hand held Bidet / Shattaf, Diaper Sprayer to Toilets, Faucets and Showers for a warm and cool water Bidet / Diaper Sprayer at an affordable price, without tools or a plumber. The Handheld Bidet, Diaper Sprayer, and Shattaf are not only the Ultimate Bathroom Accessory for personal hygiene, it is also great for many other rinsing and cleaning jobs around your work and home. Aquaus Sprayers are great for utility and laundry room sinks, bathroom cleaning, small pet showers, boat and RV bathrooms, bed pans, potty seat bowls and many more uses."

Back Support


Healthy Back Store

Airbag information specific to Canada

Transport Canada:

Air Bag Deactivation – what you need to know

To obtain a "Declaration of Requirement for Air Bag Deactivation" Form

Drivers Education and Assessment Programs

Saint Elizabeth Health Care Centre, Toronto, Ontario

As of September 2011

1. G1 Driver's Licence
2. Application and Doctor's referral forms. (Download available below.)

Download Saint Elizabeth Drivers Education Forms (PDF)

The program consists of an initial 2-1/2 hour assessment by an occupational therapist. This assessment has a clinical needs component and a practical in vehicle component. This is when it will be determined what modifications will be required to properly operate the vehicle. The fee for this portion is $535 and is HST exempt.
This assessment also determines how many in car training sessions are required before proceeding to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) road test. Each of these sessions is $95 with no HST.

Grace Cheng
Program Assistant
Driver Assessment & Training
Saint Elizabeth
Tel: 416-398-1035

Other Ontario Driver programs may be found at:

Ontario Ministry of Transportation Driver Rehabilitation Services

Manufacturers of Hand Controls and Pedal Extensions

Sure Grip

Mobility Products and Design

Driving Aids Development Corp.


Golden Boy Mobility

Easy Rider Pedal Extensions

The Best Lil Extension Products

Vehicle Conversions

Here is a small list of companies that will do Vehicle Conversions (including air bags) in Southern Ontario

Silver Cross Automotive

Lucanus Corporation

Mobility in Motion

Universal Motion

Funding Programs

Ontario March of Dimes – Vehicle and Home Modification Program
Reimbursement, funding, and rebates available for modifications.
Offers assistance for up to $15,000 towards the cost of vehicle (or home) modifications.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care – Assistive Devices Program
This programs funds up to 75% of the cost of mobility devices and seating.

Vehicle Manufactures Rebates



General Motors

Tax Rebates

GST/HST for specially equipped motor vehicle rebate
You can get a rebate on the GST/HST that you have paid on the purchase of a specially equipped motor vehicle. Also contains info about a rebate on modification services performed on your motor vehicle.

Federal Excise Gasoline Tax Refund Program
You can apply for a refund of part of the federal excise tax on the gasoline you buy.

Other important Tax Credits (outside of vehicle modifications)
Disability Tax Credit (T2201): This tax credit is available to persons who have a severe prolonged physical impairment.

Medical Devices and Supplies Exempt from GST
Some medical devices are exempt from GST including adaptive equipment for vehicles.

Medical Expense Tax Credit
Medical expenses may be claimed. This includes costs incurred in converting a vehicle to make it accessible.

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